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Rachel Perry

Rachel has been a graphic designer since 2006. She moved to Denver in 2007 and that's when her career really took off. She has worked many temporary jobs to help boost her resume and experience while looking for the right job for her to settle into more permanently. Although she had to leave all of her family and most of her friends behind she has been enjoying her life in the Colorado.

She started out as an Art Director at a start out magazine called Luxury Home Magazine in Westminster Colorado. Since then she has contracted for several well-known companies such as Starz Entertainment, and Monigle and Associates of Cherry Creek Colorado. She has worked on one of the largest rebranding projects in the world for Covidien in Boulder. Covidien was a medical device manufacturer, recently acquired by Medtronic. Some of their brands included Kendall, Valleylab, Nellcor, Puritan Bennett, and DAR.

Currently she works for Medtronic on their medical device labeling and instructions for use. She also does freelance graphic design work and is a DoTERRA essential oils consultant. For fun she paints, airbrushes, makes jewelry, bike rides, does archery, fishes, and reads mystery novels.

Infinite Lotus

Rachel designed the logo for Infinite Lotus Professional Healing based on an idea provided by the client. The lotus blooms into the colors of the chakras.

Torq Digital Labs

Rachel designed the emblem for the logo of Torq Digital Labs based on an idea provided by the client. The logo is inspired by Steampunk concepts.

Richmond American Homes

At Richmond American Homes, in addition to document processing and designing printed marketing materials, Rachel performed photo manipulation and enhancements.


Rachel's skills extend beyond graphic design. She also enjoys painting and airbrush.

Languages International

When complex layouts are required for translation work, Rachel is a go to resource. She also has experience working with non-Latin-based and right-to-left languages.

Malibu Drive

Rachel shared residence with a musician at one time. She was comissioned to make a poster for the band's next performance.

Rocket Dance Emporium

Sometimes a business doesn't need to exist for Rachel to be creative. She created the Rocket Dance Emporium logo to practice custom text skills.


When Rachel first started at Medtronic, she was a rebranding specialist, recreating and rebranding old product labels. Today, she designs labels for new and existing products, among many other duties.

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